13th June 2024

Very helpful dashboard by way of the St. Louis Fed, which maintains the fabulous FRED database. With a clear and easy interface, it places the entire key financial indicators the FOMC tracks — Actual GDP Progress, Unemployment Price, PCE Inflation, Core PCE Inflation, and the Federal Funds Price — in a single handy location.

The Macro Snapshot additionally dives deeper into three core elements of the economic system:

1. Labor Markets: Indicators associated to employment;
2. Inflation: Indicators associated to totally different costs, value adjustments, and expectations about these adjustments;
3. Gross Home Product: GDP and its elements.

The entire charts are interactive as effectively.

The Macro Snapshot additionally features a Abstract of Financial Projections (SEP) that the FOMC highlights, specializing in the Key Financial Indicators used when making price change choices.

Labor Markets


Gross Home Product

It’s tremendous handy to have these all in a single location…

Macro Snapshot by the St. Louis Fed

Because of (Invictus for highlighting this new dashboard

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