16th April 2024

One other spectacular day for top-down motoring.

Could I recommend a depression-era roadster, the Imperial? It was Chrysler’s try and compete with luxurious rivals reminiscent of Cadillac, Lincoln, Duesenberg, and Pierce Arrow.

The 1932 Chrysler CG Imperial beneath is a singular mannequin, regularly improved by its authentic proprietor. Mods are checked out otherwise at the moment than a century in the past. I don’t know a lot in regards to the Imperial, however Wikipedia notes: “For a number of many years and a number of generations, the Imperial was the unique Chrysler and the favourite selection of luxurious transportation for senior govt management, authorities officers, royalty and numerous celebrities.

It’s a handsome automotive, to say the least. The CG Imperial Customized Roadster beneath is essentially the most expensive-ever promoting Chrysler, going at public sale in April of this yr for $1.6 million…

Supply: Traditional Driver

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