30th May 2024

From Joseph Epstien’s oped within the July 13 WSJ on Biden v Trump (please, pricey Lord, no)

Every man has risen to the presidency thanks, largely, to the unattractiveness of his electoral opponent. Every man was elected as a lesser-evil alternative, but each have succeeded in vastly polluting the tone of our nation’s political life. Lesser-evil selections typically develop into evil sufficient.

Low and seedy are the corruptions of which Messrs. Trump and Biden have been accused: molesting girls, coming into into doubtful monetary dealings with international firms and governments, cavalierly mishandling essential paperwork, and extra. 

My italics. I am not right here at this time on content material, however simply on writing. I make psychological notes of little writing methods that may embellish my prose.  

I preferred the primary one, simply because it is such a good looking catchy phrase. I am undecided what the overall precept is, however I would wish to provide you with extra prose like that. 

The second has a clearer lesson. The standard rule is, write your sentences ahead. Or, extra probably, edit your sentences to be forwards. You must rapidly flip that one round to “The corruptions of which Messrs. Trump and Biden have been accused are low and seedy.” Or, higher, via it adjustments the topic a bit, “Messrs. Trump and Biden have been accused of low and seedy corruptions.” 99% of the time it is best to do this. 

However not this time. Look how lovely that backward sentence is. There should be some biblical quote it refers to. Perhaps readers can provide you with the allusions. 

Do not do it on a regular basis. However guidelines are made to be damaged, when you actually know what you are doing. Which Epstein clearly does. 

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