23rd June 2024

I used to be lately requested what number of Masters in Enterprise visitors have gained a Nobel Prize. The checklist seems to be largely (however not solely) behavioral finance varieties; right here is the short-list of laurates, plus a number of associated columns of Nobel Winners:

Danny Kahneman on Noise (Could 15, 2021)

Paul Krugman on Zombie Concepts (February 15, 2020)

Gene Fama (with David Sales space) on Environment friendly Markets (November 9, 2019)

Michael Spence, on the Dynamics of Data Signaling (October 26, 2019)

Robert Shiller on Narratives (October 5, 2019)

Richard Thaler (and Behavioral Economists) Get Their Due (October 9, 2017)

Invoice Sharpe on Pricing and Danger (June 3, 2017)

Danny Kahneman on Heuristics, Biases & Cognition (August 6, 2016)

Richard Thaler, Father of Behavioral Investing (June 13, 2015)

Robert Shiller on Not Understanding the Future (November 24, 2014)

Paul Krugman on Commerce (October 25, 2014)

And some columns on the subject:

What If EVERYTHING Is Narrative? (June 21, 2021)

Tversky and Kahneman Modified How We Assume (December 5, 2016)

How Shiller helped Fama win the Nobel (October 26, 2013)

Plus, I’ve to incorporate the dialogue of Amos Tevarsky and Danny Kahnemann:

Michael Lewis on The Undoing Undertaking (December 10, 2016)

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